The Four Points of the Compass Rose have been used in navigation since Roman times. It designates the basic and fundamental directions needed to find ones way.

4 Points Vermont was started in 2015 offering high quality instruction to people wanting to learn to mountain bike. Brewery Tours were quickly added as an additional offering, or as a great combination after a morning of mountain biking.

Rick Started riding mountain bikes in Vermont in the 80’s on old logging roads with bikes without shocks. Over time he saw a need to move the sport forward in a more organized way. In the early 2000s, Rick co-founded the Stowe Mountain Bike Club (now Stowe Trails Partnership), and served as the President for over ten years. During that time he helped develop a vast network of trails and a significant mountain bike community.  What he saw missing was an easy way for people to get started and a guide service for visiting riders. Drawing on his experience as a ski instructor, he saw a clear need for instruction. Like skiing, mountain biking is not always intuitive. He became certified by the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) and has been teaching new and intermediate riders with great results. He believes that to get the maximum from the sport and for safety’s sake, everyone would benefit from attending a clinic.

4 Points added Brewery Tours when a friend, who happened to be a brewery owner, suggested that they would be an obvious – and perfect – fit for Rick. Vermont is the epicenter of phenomenal craft beer with many very close by. 

We’ve recently added Artisan Tours, transporting guests to a local glass blower, a metal worker, cheese maker and a variety of artisans in the area. With enough notice we’ll tailor the perfect tour.

Thanks to our guests for taking this ride with us – because of you, we’re the recipient of stellar reviews!


Because there’s is nothing like local knowledge!​