MTB Testimonials

I thoroughly enjoyed the MTB clinic in Stowe and instantly saw a big improvement in my riding. Rick & his team have a ton of knowledge of riding technique – and of the local trail network.  I would definitely recommend 4 Points to riders of all levels!

Mark K. Northborough, MA

Rick rocks! Great time… Great trails… We had a blast and will be back soon! Big thanks to all the trail volunteers and the Trapp family.


John C. Maryland

I want to thank you for offering the mountain bike clinic. I really learned a lot about the basics of mountain biking and was able to apply these skills on the ride at Trapps. I feel much more comfortable riding in the woods and it’s because of the clinic. Thank you very much!

Julie R. Stowe, VT

My wife had a great time. She said it was really fun! Just what I had hoped for her. Thank you for making her introduction to mountain biking a great one.

Mike R. Stowe, VT

Thank you to Rick and the 4 Points team for really taking the time to give personalized individual instruction to help hone my mountain biking skills.  I had ridden a mountain bike around five times in my life and really enjoyed it, but I had never received any formal instruction.  I decided that I was going to buy a bicycle, but that I needed some professional tips to ensure that I was maximizing fun while riding safely and more efficiently.  After some training drills and in-depth discussion of both basic & technical riding tips with the 4 Points team, we hit the trails to put what we learned to use.  Not only did I notice a significant increase in my confidence when riding downhill, I was able to better maneuver obstacles and maintain more speed using what I had learned earlier in the day.  It was a great experience riding with such fun, knowledgeable, and passionate locals.  I am now in love with mountain biking.  Thank you 4 Points!

John W. Stowe, VT

Rick was excellent. He’s a long time Vermonter with deep knowledge of the whole region. A close friend of mine owns a villa in Stowe and I was visiting him recently (May 2014). We hired Rick to take us out mountain biking. There were three of us, each with varying levels of expertise, from beginner to ‘advanced’ beginner. Rick was gentle with us but still pushed us to really see what we could do, and still enjoy ourselves. Rick knows the trails, the area, and the pitfalls! We had a great time. I plan to return in the Winter and hope to have Rick take us out cross-country skiing… he’s a pro at that, as well! He’s also very reasonable as far as prices go, and becomes a friend during the time together!


R.C. Washington, D.C.

Rick’s clinic was very informative and helpful. After going over the basics, which I was all too happy to review/learn/adjust, Rick demonstrated the important fundamentals of mountain biking and helped each of us in the clinic practice/perfect our technique. Obstacles were set up in order to practice riding while looking ahead, jumping and bridge crossing. It was nice having Rick’s encouragement in a supportive environment. Riders were only expected to try the obstacles if comfortable. We all got to try out what we’d learned on a fun group ride afterwards. I could immediately tell my riding had improved and Rick’s morning instruction was well worth it!

Sarah R. Stowe, VT

I genuinely enjoyed the whole day. Mountain biking is a new and sometimes quite the scary sport. Going over basic body movements, the side to side and front to back stuff and learning the boundaries and how they felt in a safe secure zone at the x-country center was a real game changer for a newbie such as myself. It really gave me more confidence when I entered more technical sections with the knowledge and muscle memory of how certain movements felt.

I especially enjoyed the drills of lifting the front tire because there was a visible progression between the difficulties. I thought that it was fantastic. Keep me posted on the next opportunity as I would love to continue to progress in the sport.

Emily P. Stowe, VT

The Mountain Biking Clinic that was held by Rick Sokoloff of 4 Points Mountain Bike School & Guides on Saturday was so informative and fun!

I had never been on a mountain bike and was new to everything. Rick boiled the 2 hour clinic down to safety, learning the basics and most importantly having fun.

I am looking forward to more riding and hopefully joining my son on the trails when he returns from Montana later this summer 🙂


Karen C. So. Duxbury, VT

That really was a great day. I loved how the session was appropriate for beginners and seasoned riders. Even though I have been riding for over a year I still picked up some things from the “basic” lessons that you started with that will be helpful to continue to gain speed, agility and confidence on my rides. My favorite part was getting a chance to practice bridges over and over in a safe environment. I certainly feel more confident with my ability after that. I thought it was great to incorporate a ride at the end of the session and thought it was helpful to have two instructors so that we were riding within our ability. I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it.

Cara M. Stowe, VT

I am a very beginner and this clinic was extremely valuable for my riding. I would take one again in a heartbeat!  And so much fun at the same time!

Rick is a great instructor, very personable, knowledgeable and patient. He explained everything really well, did not mind follow up questions and was willing to show us the exercises over and over until we understood well. Then we got to practice each exercise a few times until we felt comfortable with it. He coached us through each of them and his encouraging feedback made us want to do better with each try.

Rick is excellent! I can’t wait for the next clinic!

Jana R. Stowe, VT

Just came back from 2 guided days with Rick! It was fantastic he knows the area so well he took the time to find trails that suited us and was very prompt! Amazing riding we never would have found such great trails without his help. He also gave us great restaurant suggestions and has great general overall area knowledge. We would definitely hire Rick again if we come back !

Lisa V. Toronto

Reviewed by Dave V. in VT
My wife and I did a two hour mountain biking lesson with Rick. I had some experience and this was my wife’s third time on a mountain bike. Rick made sure we were safe and comfortable with our bikes and that we understood how body position affected your ride in various situations – fundamentals that I wish I’d had years ago. We got out on the single track to put things in to practice and have some fun. Two hours well spent that will improve our riding immensely. His knowledge and experience is such that any rider at any level could surely benefit from spending time with him. Rick is a real nice guy that also happens to understand how to instruct and coach in a very positive way. Book a lesson with him – you’ll be glad you did.

I am writing a reference letter in commendation of Rick Sokoloff’s guiding skills on a recent mountain biking excursion! I have known Rick as a ski instructor for my family and myself in the past year and have appreciated his ability to quickly understand a students skills and ascertain the best way to improve on them! This was my first experience mountain biking with him. Two friends of mine and I who are all new to mountain biking went bicycling with him on the Trapp Family Lodge trail system. Initially he introduced us to basic bicycle handling skills and then we rode on the two track trail system to get accustomed to the ride. We rapidly proceeded to a short single track trail. Throughout this time he easily identified any difficulties we were having and corrected our technique. We then rode a very challenging single track that none of us had expected we would be able to do at the start of the day. He was able to set a reasonable and fun pace for us that we were able to maintain. After a great day riding through the trail system, we rode into Stowe town and back up Trapp Hill Road. For all of us, what was to be a 2 hour bike ride turned into an all day adventure that all of us thoroughly enjoyed! Beyond his technical expertise and know-how, the particularly valuable thing that Rick was able to do is make it fun and convey his enthusiasm for nature and the sport. This unique combination of skills and knowledge makes him an ideal candidate for a Mountain bike school!

Ranjit A. NY, NY

Mountain Bike + Brewery Tour Review:

Such a great way to spend a day in Vermont. Rick and his team went out of the way to make sure all of our needs were met. If you looking for a great mountain biking experience that ends with a nice tour of Stowe beer scene, look no further!!

Andrew H Boston, MA

Reviewed 4 Points VT5 star
Just finished a 6 week Mountain Bike Clinic with Rick and his assistant, Shelley. I am so hooked on this amazing adventure and I have 4 Points VT to thank for introducing me to mountain biking. Rick is truly an amazing teacher, instructor, coach and just all around great guy to be hanging with in the fields learning drills, cruising some incredible single track or exchanging stories over a beer. If you have ever even thought about mountain biking you have to take a ride with Rick. He will take you on a journey to a place you never knew existed!! I can’t say enough positives about the entire experience from 4 Points VT. If you want to see what I am talking about you need to call Rick, seriously.
George L, Stowe, VT

Mountain Bike + Brewery Tour Review:
Thanks so much – it was a really great experience and day. Way surpassed any expectations we had going in – from the fundamentals in the lesson, to the couple we got to meet in Andrew and Katherine, to you as an instructor and guide, to the sport itself!
We can easily say we are 100% hooked – we ended up renting bikes and doing Cady Hill on Sunday and then we went back to the Trapp paths on Monday and hit up the cabin you told us about! (See photo proof below)
Stowe is fantastic – I think we’ll be back at least once a year if not twice for both summer and winter now.
Thank you for a wonderful time! I’ll be sure to add to your glowing reviews on Trip Advisor!

 Gabrielle + Addi, Boston, MA

THANK YOU for a great adventure for my Girl Quest group. Shelly and Marina did a fabulous job demonstrating and giving our girls step-by-step practice toward understanding bike safety and good handling skills. The level of challenge was just right, not too hard and not too easy. The intermittent talks about leading groups, trying different roles in the group and treating group riding as a bonding experience rather than competitive one, hit all the sweet spots of what I emphasize in all of our quests together. Most girls left feeling inspired to bike again!

Rick, it was fantastic that you found two excellent role models for the girls to see in action. I greatly appreciate that you went the extra mile to make a difference!