Green Mountain Distillers


Tim and Howie started out brewing beer. They came up from Baltimore to brew at the Shed in Stowe. If you remember drinking Shed Ale, that’ their recipe. Not wanting to compete with the owner of the Shed, they went to distilling school. Green Mt Distillers opened in 2002 and is the longest running craft distillery in the state.

They are certified organic by Vermont Organic Farmers and the USDA National Organic Program. They offer small batch craft distilled spirits. The product speaks for itself, it’s really smooth and easy to drink. Were the big producers squeeze every last drop out to maximize profits, these guys use only the best part of the batch, throwing out what is referred to as the ‘Heads and Tails.’ By doing so they don’t have the nasty burn and medicinal taste present in more ‘popular’ brands.

There is always a supply of vodka’ on hand and perhaps a corn whiskey, rye, gin or if you’re lucky, single malt. The favorite seems to be their Maple Liqueur. It is absolutely delicious!